Kalamandalam Gopi’s superb portrayal of Nala in ‘Nalacharitham’ – Onnam Divasam, Randam Divasam and Moonam Divasam – was a treat for rasikas.

Kathakali aficionados in and around Ernakulam were treated to performances by thespian Kalamandalam Gopi recently.

The living legend of Kathakali enacted the lead role of ‘Nalacharitham’ first, second and third day on three consecutive days. Kathakali aficionados gathered from far and wide at the three different venues to watch the maestro perform and the master, whose name is almost synonymous with the role of Nala, did not disappoint. His performance showcased his passion for acting and his devotion towards Kathakali.

In ‘Nalacharitham – Onnam Divasam,’ on the first day, Gopi enacted a lovelorn Nala with brilliant and creative improvisations whilst staying true to the ‘Kalluvazhi Chitta’.

The interaction between Nala and Hamsam was brilliant.

Gopi’s expressions while displaying his love for Damayanti were eloquent and there were plenty of unforgettable moments for the huge gathering at T.D.M. Hall, Ernakulam.

Kalamandalam Champakara Vijayan enacted the role of Damayanti well and Kalamandalam Sreekumar excelled as the Hamsam. Sreekumar brilliantly portrayed the mannerisms and rhythmic movements of the Hamsam.

Kalamandalam Shanmughan neatly essayed the role of Narada. The event was organised by BEAME in association with Ernakulam Karayogam and Mudra.

On the second day, ‘Nalacharitham – Randam Divasam’ was staged at Kalikotta Palace at Tripunithura. The highlight of the second day’s performance was the superb synergy between Kalamandalam Gopi and Margi Vijayakumar, as Damayanti. Both of them brilliantly depicted the intricacies of various bhavas through the eventful sequences in ‘Nalacharitham – Randaam Divasam’.

Kalamandalam Krishnakumar excelled in the role of Pushkaran. Kottakkal Devadas appeared as Kali. The programme was organised in connection with the 40th anniversary of Tripunithura Kathakali Kendram.

‘Nalacharitham – Monnam Diwasam’ saw Kalamandalam Gopi appearing as Bahukan (Nala in disguise). Gopi portrayed the various sequences of the play with unbridled enthusiasm and energy. The pakarnattam sequence describing the events Bahuka witnesses in the forest was outstanding.

Kottakkal Chandrasekharan Warrier enacted the role of Nala. The programme, held at Ernakulathappan Hall, Ernakulam, was organised under the aegis of Mudra Trust for Traditional Arts.