A good mix of traditional pieces and new compositions were a treat at the Kalasagaram fest.

Kalasagaram's Annual Youth Festival of Dance held at Keyes High School featured some of the talented dancers. The first day of the three-day series featured the Bharatanatyam performance by T.P. Sneha.

On the whole, Sneha gave a very good account of herself presenting a neat mix of some traditional items and some new ones. Good lineage, neat planning and solid hard work are her strong points.

The performance got off to a brisk start with the traditional Pushpanjali followed by a Malayalam Krithi of Dasettan, Madagaja Mukane. Sneha's depiction of lord Ganesha, especially in the sanchari came out nicely though the repeated reference to the lord's big stomach was somehow not in good taste.

Sneha then performed Shankarabharanam Varnam Sakhiye Inda Jaalam, the well known composition of K.N. Dandayudapani Pillai.

The next piece was Nartana Sundara in Vasantha composed by Kollegal Subramanyam.

Here Sneha described the magnificence of the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva surrounded by Brahma, Saraswathi and Nandi as Parvathi looks on with a beautiful smile.

The last item was Karuna Cheivan Endu, a Malayalam piece of Iriyamman Thampi in which Sneha extolled the beauty of Lord Krishna with the tales of Vibheeshana and Draupadi in the Sanchari.

The programme was conducted by Geeta Ganesan on the cymbals who also was the main singer with Dattatreya on the flute, Rajagopalacharya on the mridangam, Sai Kumar on the violin and Srikanth on special effects.