Lalita Prasad of Abhinaya Kuchipudi Kala Kshetram presented ‘Sri Krishna Tatvam’, a dramatised version of Annamacharya kirtanas referring to Lord Krishna, using dozen and half ‘padams’ and commentary of Kamisetti Srinivasulu in her dance structure. The programme was staged at RTC Kala Bhavan, Baghlingampalli last week.

Parama Purushudu Gopala Baaludainadu, was used as an introductory song. Araya Sravana Bahula Toli Chandrodayana Sirulato Udayinche Srikrishnudidigo was used to depict the birth of Krishna. While these songs were rendered to full music support, with dancers presenting them with abhinaya, there were intermittent jatis too. Brahma Kannavadu Pasibidda Brahmamainavadu Pasibidda depicted the infant Krishna being fed by Poothana with poisonous breast milk and paying for it with her life. There was a ‘Uyyala’ song, for which a ‘lalipata’ of Annamayya, Muddulu Momuna Muchatanu was used for this. Muddugare YasodaThematic orchestral support was laudable in all these scenes.

V.B.S. Murali evolved this drama. Chandra Rao and Nitya Santoshini lent voices. Vinod (mridangam), Chandra Rao (violin), Murali (flute), Phani Narayana (veena) were the principal instrumentalists. There were tablas, chorus group and ,keyboard.

The evening began with students of Lalitha Prasad going in for traditional ‘Vighneswara Stuti’ taught by Lalita’s guru Bhagavatula Seturam, ‘Pushpanjali’ an offering to Gods, popular jatiswaram in Athana and ‘Ramayana Sabdam’ another traditional number in Mohana, giving life sketch of Srirama. At the end, the Kala Kshetram felicitated Kamisetti Srinivasulu and Bhagavatula Sethuram.