The dance ballets were notable for their impressive choreography.

A dance ballet on ‘Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavam' was performed by T.S. Kala Samithi of Visakhapatnam at Tirupati Shilparamam this Monday. While tradition and heritage are passed on to posterity through various means, saint-poet Tallapaka Annamacharya used the folk platform to spread the glory of Lord Venkateswara among the masses , with the spiritual vibes intact. The dance ballet showcased the socially-relevant message on equity as propounded by Annamacharya, who saw the Almighty as a force accessible to all, transcending the economic and social divides. The continuous playing of Kritis in the background was matched by an impressively composed dance sequences for 45 minutes to highlight the glory of the Lord of Seven Hills. For the composition ‘Brahmamokkate Parabrahmamokkate', the sunrays were shown as casting shadow on a hut and a mansion, a metaphor to indicate that the Lord showers his blessings on all. Similar were the sequences for the compositions ‘Ye kulajudainanemi' and ‘Jagadapu Janavula'.

The ballet on ‘Dasavatharam' held the previous evening showed the similarity between the proliferation of life on earth and the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It was well represented with the emergence of fish (Matsyavatara), followed by amphibian (Koorma), animal (Varaha), half-man (Narasimha), dwarf man (Vamana), development of emotions like anger and rage in man (Parasurama), man's effort to eke out a livelihood through ploughing (Balarama) and so on.

S. Murali Babu, a professor of dance at Banaras Hindu University and choreographer of the troupe supervised, while his disciple Kalyani Bhavya directed the dance sequences in which as many as 36 artistes performed.