Anitha Guha's disciples stole the show with their skill.

The heavy rain on December 5 that threw normal life out of gear in the city did not deter connoisseurs from attending the dance presentation by the students of Anitha Guha for Kartik Fine Arts at Narada Gana Sabha. The fully packed hall was enthralled by the talent exhibited by the dance troupe.

Creative thinking was the highlight of ‘Mahadevam Mahasenam Bhaje,' which had 50 dancers taking the stage to depict the well-woven story of Muruga – from birth to the annihilation of Soorapadma.

The beginning was striking with a fluorescent damroo (udukkai) emerging from pitch darkness, conveying that the universe evolved from darkness and the naadham from Siva's damroo. It set the right note for the Saivite concept.

Captivating were the scenes of Kailasa and Dakshayani (Janane) seeking permission from Siva (Saatvika) to attend the yagna of Daksha, her father. Noteworthy were the adavus, gaits and abhinaya of the duo. Thandavam and lasyam were handled very well by Janane. Saathvika, as Daksha, with good abhinaya, dominated the next scene.

Saathvika's Siva Thaandavam was remarkable with perfect takeoffs, landing and chakras. She and Aaradhana (Veerabhadra) made a vibrant pair.

Dakshyani is reborn as Himagirikumari (Medha). The costume (white and blue) was in tune with the backdrop of the Himalayas.

Medha's mukha abhinaya was steeped in bhakti sringara when she appealed to Siva to marry her.

It was a joy to watch Rathi (Nanditha) and Manmadha (Pavithra Bhatt) dance in gay abandon.

Scene stealer

What stole the show was the Ardanari dance. Holding the right hand of Medha with her left hand Saatvika just half visible behind the petite Medha executed various adavus. The hands moved in such unison that it appeared as if it was only one dancer and not two. The show, once again, underlined Anitha's competence in training young children. The appearance of six Murugas and their union was a joy to watch.

Soora Samhaaram, with Thirupugazh in the background, and in kanda jathi, was visualised as an aerial battle by the choreographer. The lilting composition ‘Aindu Ezhutil Udittha Muruga' came as a fitting finale. With peacock feather fans as props Valli, Deivanai and Muruga entered the stage. Lyrics by P.R. Venkatasubramaniam, costumes, scenic arrangements and lights enhanced the theme of the ballet.

Catch the show at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Dec 12), Rama Rao Kala Mantap (Dec 18), German Hall (Dec 19) and Vani Mahal on Dec 24.