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Updated: July 15, 2010 16:52 IST

Ardent disciple of Natya Shastra

Harish Bal
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Vivid abhinaya: Jyotsna Jagannathan
Vivid abhinaya: Jyotsna Jagannathan

Jyotsna Jagannathan's Bharatanatyam recital in Kochi showcased her dedication.

Jyotsna Jagannathan's Bharatanatyam recital at Kerala Fine Arts Society Hall, Kochi, spoke of her ardent passion and practice of the art. A medical practitioner, Dr. Jyotsna purses her deep interest in dance under the mentorship of guru A. Lakshman.

Dr. Jyotsna started the programme with a ‘Pushpanjali' and a shlokam on lord Ganesa. Then the navarasa varnam ‘Angayer kanni anandam kondale' of Lalgudi Jayaraman was performed with aplomb. With controlled yet vivid abhinaya, the dancer depicted the various moods and emotions of goddess Parvati through the many episodes of the piece.

The pallavi started with veera rasa, with the goddess celebrating her victory over the demons. The danseuse came up with precise portrayals of chariots, elephants and war scenes.

Apt ragas

The composition, aptly chosen, was raga Sucharita for expressing Bibhatsa; with its vivadi swaras, the goddess expresses revulsion for her devious father, Daksha. ‘Bhayanakam' was once again briefly expressed in Shiva's consumption of ‘Kalakuta.'

The sancharis could have been more elaborate. The charana swaras and jathis were performed with finesse and elegance.

The choreography had many graceful high points and offered challenging adavus. This could make up for the occasional lapses in the rhythm, which was managed well by Sreelatha on the natuvangam. The tirmanams were pleasing, with not many fireworks. The piece culminated in the ‘shanta' rasa in Nadanamakriya, an obeisance seeking blessings of the goddess.

A Marathi abhang ‘Rusali radha rusala madhava' glorified the romance between Radha Krishna, which is also celebrated by nature; a tiff between the lovers find the brook, the peacock and various elements of nature sulking in empathy with the duo. The climax of this piece was executed well as Radha gives in to Krishna's charms.

Folk rhythm

‘Madu mekkum kanne' was performed to a swinging folk rhythm of kavadi chintu.

Saranya Krishnan's expressive vocals completed the dancer.

A balanced and tasteful presentation of Balamuralikrishna's Kathanakuthoohalam tillana was the last item. The programme was organised by Dharani society.



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