Beautiful vistas captured by 30 photographers are on display at Durbar Hall Art Gallery

A pelican about to alight presents a grand vision. Its wings spread out elegantly, webbed feet ready to perch and beak pointing downwards. This photograph was taken at the Koonthakulam bird sanctuary where pelicans are found in plenty. Dusk was fast approaching and the dying rays of the sun provided the perfect lighting. S. Rajan, the photographer, who froze this moment for posterity, says: “I had waited all evening for a shot like this. Patience is truly a virtue in photography.” The photograph was selected for the Lalita Kala Akademi award, 2009.

A patient effort

Most of the photographs on display at the ‘State Photo Exhibition 2013’ at Durbar Hall Art Gallery indicate the effort that has gone into them. For instance, a picture of stork that has caught a fish in a gushing river reveals that the photographer would have spent a painstaking amount of time to capture the shot, as a stork would never be able to stand on its feet in eddying waters. Sunil Kuzhur, who took the photograph, waited for three hours to click it.

Thirty photographers, part of the All Kerala Photographers’ Association, have displayed their works at the show. Experienced lensman Rajan Kuttur, who is also part of the show, selected two of the best photographs from 15 works of each photographer. Many of them are award-winning shots.

The exhibition, ‘Rangoli’, organised by the association for the first time at the State-level is drawing a steady stream of visitors. “We have ensured a varied selection—travel, nature, wildlife and culture,” says Jenish Pamboor, chief co-ordinator of the show. One of his photos shows a child peering from behind a screen of thin wooden sticks. “That is the wall of his house. The adivasis of Wayanad build their homes with these wooden sticks that are later plastered with mud,” he says. The story behind a picture is as fascinating, says Sakkier C.M. His unusual visual of the Thrissur pooram won him the first prize for the Thrissur Pooram State photography exhibition. It shows a row of elephants and a mahout preparing for the pooram revelry.

The photographers stress that none of photos have been manipulated. The idea behind the show is to encourage people to buy the pictures. Since they are photo-prints, they will last long. Depending on the success of the show, the association would plan similar shows in other districts, too. The exhibition is on till July 7.