Bhaskara Rao's landscapes interpret the duet between Nature and Water.

When the dull brown landscape of the summer is touched by water, colours emerge — resplendent and effervescent. In Bhaskar Rao's landscapes, he paints a view that has been touched, inspired and exemplified by the unifying entity of water. Imagination is the most evocative quality in Bhaskar Rao's paintings. Most of his works are acrylics on paper.

One of his paintings is dominated by bright blue and simmers down with dull browns and blacks. Blotted paint against paper provides a sense of ideation around the work and splashes of yellows and reds right in the centre of the frame provides visual relief. The sense of being ‘washed down' is ubiquitous in his work, and dabs of paint strokes depicting puddle reflections evoke serenity. Another one of his untitled works showcases an abstract scene at a deck on sea, a few sailing boats lying afloat, the colour of the sky is a dull brown mixed with strokes of green, here too, the blue palette dominates, the cobalt blue and royal blue shades being used the most, reiterating the many forms of water: lakes, rivers, sea, waterfalls and rain.

Bhaskar Rao's works owing to their abstract and deep-ended landscapes render a serene and enchanting interpretation, the dark colours gnaw at the subconscious. The water-washed topography is arresting and reflective of a troubled and seeking spirit.

The transient nature of light is reflected well.