Sisir Sahana's, ‘A Long Climb' is an experiment in glass

The journey to attain something one desires is long and arduous. This is the inspiration behind and the basis of Sisir Sahana's recent glass works. Having completed a film, Sisir experienced firsthand the never ending journey to the top and this translated into ‘A Long Climb'.

A glass rod formed the centre of all the works and was a metaphor for the long climb to the top. One work had a man and a woman crafted out of glass making their way to the top. Another work was a tree made out of yellow and green glass. While large, blue, glass ants surrounded the tree; a woman sat at the on the highest branch of the tree clutching the fruit of life.

Even when one thinks they have made it to the top, they face competition. This was shown by two glass figures part- human, part -beast facing each other at the apex of a glass rod. For Sisir, who normally works with cast glass, these works were more fragile and delicate. He used both coloured and plain glass to showcase his creativity. The glass beautifully caught the light, adding life to the art works.

Using flame working technique and pushing and pulling the glass with his hands, Sisir created shapes and figures. Though the process is tough he enjoys working with the fascinating material and says that the final output makes it all worth it.

‘A Long Climb' is on display at Kalakriti Art Gallery, road no. 12, Banjara Hills. It is on till April 10, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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