Treading the mundane path, artist Kavitha Prasad's new creative contribution, “Shadow Spaces”, is a delightful outpour of watercolour on handmade paper. Mounted at New Delhi's Shridharani Gallery, her work has a touch of memory long ignored. Kavitha is a master when it comes to bringing these cluttered corners to life.

Be it a kerosene lamp lying unlit amid an abandoned kitchen, the discarded clutter in the woodlands, or the hinge of a door that is given its life by an intermix of colours, there is an eye of detail in varied angles.

The elements in her work are the discarded or those long left to survive on their own, but the darkness of the settings is given its translucence with her dynamic strokes of watercolours absorbing different times of a day, the moods and a life recreated. There is a certain congestion in the surrounding spaces, which speaks volumes of the life throbbing around the object, which may at first glance seem lifeless. The beauty lies in the powerful strokes of colours and the casual placing of the objects.

Says the artist, “I have experimented with the base and the colours to recompose an atmospheric quality and to highlight a life that you can see if you slow down and watch around.”

The ensemble seems like a walk through rural spaces, packed lanes or hidden attics where one can envision these regularities shackled in silence. “These things normally go unnoticed, yet a glance at my work depicts how they have their own stories to tell,” says Kavitha.

(The show is on laid till August 4 at th of August in Shridharani Gallery, Tansen Marg. , New Delhi - 110001 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)


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