C. Chandrashekhara's digital prints remain true to good aesthetics

It's hard to make up your mind as you trace through C. Chandrashekhara's work. The digital prints are as meaningful as a real painting sans the texture and feel of brushstrokes and dried paint on paper. His exhibition titled, ‘Sanchalana' is an amalgamation of thought and technology. It is his introspections of time, space and thoughts.

The works showcased in the exhibition have been manifested from the mental, physical and social spheres around him. The works on myriad themes are presented in bright hues. The prints come close to the themes of traditional etchings, oil and water-colour paintings.

The disguised photographic images bear a variety of visual textures, layers and wash of hues . Most of the works have distinct dark lines that create a frame and structure, creating a balmy mood.

Some of his works derive greatly from his earlier concept of ‘stitch'— where the philosophy of mending and repairing is explored. The stitch represents the attempts to mend a break in the relationship. A few of the works show torn cloth sails, some showcase fences— symbolising class distinction and poor neighbourhoods. Patterns and images keep changing in Chandrashekar's works.

The works exude aesthetic beauty, with clear structure and refined manner of treating a subject. The visual effects in the paintings are impressive, where the artist has tried to create texture by way of sight instead of feel. The creases and wrinkles in the works look real and the faded portions of the cloth in his prints represent detachment and lost glory.

This travelling exhibition is supported by the Department of Kannada and Culture of the Government of Karnataka. The exhibition is on view at Corner House Gallery in Jubilee Hills till December 13.