Keeping with the spirit of Janmashtami, the art show at Alankritha showcases the various facets of the god

As the name suggests Krishnastuti, the ongoing exhibition at Alankritha Art Gallery, celebrates the spirit of Krishna. The group show comprising artists like Ananda Das, Ashoke Ganguly, Bhushayya K., Bipin Martha, Dhiren Sasmal and Subrata Das among others, showcases various facets of Krishna’s colourful persona.

Krishna’s mischief, his intelligence, his thoughtfulness, his love are all brought out effectively here . Some of the detailing in the art works is extensive and proof of the effort put in. Take for instance L. Saraswathi’s portrayal of Krishna – with Krishna in the forefront the backdrop is made up of leaves, with each leaf depicting different scenes related to Krishna. Another equally striking work is Bipin Martha’s painting of Krishna. While Krishna himself has been rendered in muted colours, it is the backdrop that is eye catching as it portrays the various stages in the life of Krishna.

Kishore Roy’s Krishna seems to have an oriental influence, with the god reclining with a smile playing on his lips, while another painting shows Krishna in deep thought.

What sets his works apart is the intelligent use of bright colours, without leaving a jarring effect. Sadaanandan P. K. brings out the rustic charm of Krishna’s early life by setting a rural theme in his art works, complete with cows and muted brown shades. Bhushayya Kunuku’s Krishna is depicted in a more abstract form, with the interpretation left up to the viewer.

On the other hand Subrata Das’ painting depicts the love between Radha and Krishna. Jeevan Gosika’s pieces are more evocative and full of expression.

All the works put together bring out the various aspects of Krishnaand his divinity.

The exhibition is on till September 6 at Alankritha Art Gallery.