Tradition meets contemporary in colourful creations by 13 women artists

A statue of a woman suspended mid-air, perpendicular to the ground, her flowing tresses rising from the ground as if she were a tree rooted to the soil from the tip of her strands, stands nonchalantly at Park Hyatt. This work of art is part of Wonderland presented by Gallery Veda (as it completes a year) and Park Hyatt, featuring 13 pieces by prominent women artists — Smriti Dixit, Simrin Mehra Agarwal, Anjali Srinivasan, Monali Meher, Nidhi Agarwal, Parvathi Nayar, Benita Perciyal, Medha Prabhakar, Priti Kahar and Chila Burman.

Pushing boundaries

Preeti Garg, director, Gallery Veda, at the inauguration of Wonderland, said, “Art in myriad hues, traditional as well as contemporary, finds a receptive haven in the thriving art scene of Chennai. A culturally aware city where art in any form is accepted, analysed and commented upon, Chennai is leaving its stamp as a one-stop destination for art shows and galleries.” On putting this show together, she said, “This new venture will prove our capabilities of promoting fine arts. We have planned a show that not only pushes boundaries of perception but also questions the normal!”

Christian Wurm, general manager, Park Hyatt, said, “Our association with Gallery Veda is an extension of our own philosophy — quiet, understated elegance.” With this collaboration, art finds its way on every wall, in every part of the hotel and presents connoisseurs a platform to interact with art outside the four walls of a gallery.

New experience

Actor Hema Malini, who inaugurated the event, lit the traditional lamp on the first floor of the hotel, standing in front of a stunning, large art work that glistened as light fell on it, while the audience watched her from the ground floor. “I have just seen some of the art works on display here,” she said and added that the fact that they were all by women made it all the more special for her. “I haven’t quite seen anything like this. It’s been a new experience,” she said.