The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “teacher” as “a person who teaches in a school”. Many would agree that this definition does not even come close to their job description and the lessons that they teach are not confined to the prescribed textbooks. Teaching is probably the most difficult job in the world, but ask a teacher that and she would say, it’s the most rewarding.

Beyond books

Cynthia D’Silva, a teacher from St. Andrew’s High School, says that, the satisfaction that she gets in seeing a change in her student for the better, makes her job worthwhile. “The lessons that we teach sometimes have nothing to do with academics. We also instil moral values in the students to make them better citizens.”

Children look up to their teachers who unknowingly inspire them. “When I grow up I want to be a teacher like Miss Justina,” says eight-year-old Jennifer Hackett, a Std. III student from St Ann’s High School.

Johann, a Std. VIII student from St. Andrew’s High School, says that his Science teacher Ms. Vasudha is his favourite. “She makes class interesting and lets us write our notes, which makes us feel very independent,” he also says that her friendly nature makes her very approachable.

Mrs. Akhileshwari Rao, a journalist, recalls her English teacher from school, Ms. Yamuna Muthyala, who she feels, in a way influenced her to make her career choices. “She was a beautiful lady whom I was in complete awe of and when she told me I was good, it motivated me. It meant so much, coming from someone I looked up to.”

After all these years she is still remembered, like so many other teachers whose small compliments or gestures made their student’s world brighter.

Many students are of the opinion that teachers are not “cool” or fun. However, Pranav Rajkumar of Hyderabad Public School says, “The thing about Teachers’ Day is you get to see the other side of teachers – the fun side.” Teachers are multi faceted; they can be fun, strict, angry, understanding and affectionate. For them, it’s all in a day’s work.

Quiet quality

Teachers are most important to society. They mould young minds and yet we never see them taking credit for it. They always look out for the best interests of their students and take pride in their success almost as a parent would. Their qualities are admirable, yet understated. Let us not limit our appreciation for our teachers to a particular day, but let us show them we care and value what they do for us all year round.