Failure to comply will result in action under Section 17 of the NCTE Act (leading to withdrawal of recognition).

Teacher education colleges functioning without requisite infrastructure and faculty are in for tough times.

A public notice issued recently by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) necessitates the colleges to furnish online the details of their infrastructure and instructional facilities in the prescribed ‘Institutions Portal/ Self Disclosure' and ‘Teacher Educators Portal' Proformas available on the NCTE website: Failure to comply will result in action under Section 17 of the NCTE Act (leading to withdrawal of recognition).

According to the public notice, as per ‘Regulations - 2009', it was mandatory for all the teacher education institutions recognised by the NCTE to disclose all relevant details on their website which would be hyperlinked to the NCTE website. The Regulations were notified along with norms and standard on August 31, 2009. The NCTE will regularly monitor the functioning of the teacher education institutions recognised by it, with a view to ensuring that they function as per the notified norms and standards.

The colleges have to comply with the public notice by May 10, 2010, the last of the 45 days' time provided by the NCTE with effect from March 25, 2010. The online furnishing of the said information in the Self-Disclosure Proforma has to be followed immediately within seven days by submission of a hard copy by registered post to the respective office of the Regional Committee of NCTE. The hard copy has to be accompanied by a notarized affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100 in the prescribed format available on the NCTE website, giving an undertaking that the information furnished was true and that they will be liable to legal action if any information furnished by them was not found to be correct subsequently, the notice said.

The information has to be furnished under ten heads: Details of institution (name, date of establishment, postal address, phone, fax, e-mail, location et al), management (whether government owned, govt-aided, self-financed, university department or any other), details of course (level of course, name of teacher education course, duration, whether to be conducted in face-to-face or distant mode, proposed intake and details of affiliating body), land (land identification, whether title of land is on ownership or on lease as per law, duration of lease, and land use certificate obtained for educational institution), manpower details with photographs of teaching faculty, structural strength of building, facilities in library, instructional facilities, facilities for games and sports, and other facilities available.