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Updated: March 24, 2013 12:51 IST

My tryst with EPlus

B. S. Warrier
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B. S. Warrier. Photo: K . K. Mustafah
The Hindu B. S. Warrier. Photo: K . K. Mustafah

The person armed with the latest information is more likely to succeed in any field; education is no exception. When The Hindu, launched a weekly supplement in 2004 focusing exclusively on education it proved to be a great blessing for students and parents.

During the past nine years, the supplement has enlightened students and parents comprehensively on diverse aspects of higher education. It usually gives an assorted menu that helps the readers in the choice and pursuit of various academic programmes.

It was a pleasant evening in February 2004. K. M. Thampi, Chief of Bureau, along with G. Mahadevan, Principal Correspondent, met me in my home at Thiruvananthapuram and asked me to write a regular column in the soon-to-be-launched Education Plus.

Anyone familiar with the fine quality and reputation of the The Hindu would naturally be delighted to learn of the new venture. It was indeed the fulfilment of a long-felt need. I readily agreed.

My editor, T. Ramachandran in Kochi, gave the polish to my pieces. My passion for garnering and disseminating information to students could find fine expression through this medium. The feedback shows that many thousands benefited from the pieces. This applies even better with other contributors.

Caters to all

The Education Plus has never been a straightjacket. It has flexibility that helps all kinds of readers in the target group. The content and style undergo changes in tune with the changing needs of the students. Education Plus has been particularly generous to me. From the first issue of the Kerala edition on Tuesday, March 02, 2004 that carried my “Sharpen your skills” on strategies for facing entrance examinations, every issue till date had a ‘Guidance Plus’ write-up from me.

The annual pre-counselling guidance programmes being organised by The Hindu-Education Plus at various centres have become popular. This publication that is committed to continuous enlightenment of our students and parents on diverse aspects of higher education has already made remarkable footprints in specialty journalism. Into its tenth year, we can aim at richer content and more attractive design.


Editor's NoteMarch 24, 2013

Education Plus turns 9March 24, 2013

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