CII's National Summit on Quality Education is to be held in Bangalore on September 14, 15

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Institute of Quality will be organising its National Summit on Quality Education with the theme “Innovate, Learn and Share: Redefining the delivery of quality education” on the Infosys premises at Electronic City in Bangalore on September 14 and 15.

The 15th edition of the Summit will provide a platform for the participants comprising scholars and experts drawn from different walks of life to share their knowledge and best practices that may be replicated in educational institutions across the country.

Great minds

The CII seeks to bring together “great minds” from different disciplines and fields.

“The spark of innovation often lights when unfamiliar forces collide into each other. That’s why we’ll hear from erudite scholars from all walks of life,” said a statement issued by CII.

“Teachers want to be creative, but institutions don’t usually talk to each other. The idea is to get them all in one place. ‘Innovation in Education’ is now the catchphrase with educational managements… be it private or government institutions,” the CII said

Logical progression

Having achieved the basic goal of establishing schools and colleges over the last six decades across the country, the next logical progression that India aims is to re-orient these to provide quality education.

In this backdrop, educational institutions are increasingly focusing on how innovation can be optimally leveraged by employing or integrating technology, adopting and adapting best practices and processes from other sectors like corporate and non-government sectors, and implementing result-oriented processes and practices from “role modelling” institutions, to name a few of the strategies, so that they turn into nurturing and grooming centres for the vast number of youth, the statement said.

The presentations at the Summit include case studies and experiences from CBSE; Infosys Limited; National Skill Development Council; GE Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India; St. Mary’s School, Pattom; KISS, Bhubaneshwar; SRM University; Christ University; Husson University; GE India Technology Centre; Educomp Infrastructure and School Management Ltd; CICSE; and Flame School of Performing Arts.

CII Institute of Quality said it believes that it is important for stakeholders of education to share their knowledge and best practices that may be replicated in educational institutions across the country.

“This is a very important and effective method for the educational community to contribute to this national conversation.”

The participants at the Summit will explore “how innovation actually happens, how to build and sustain cultures of innovation, and how change-resistant institutions can change their ways.”

They’ll also hear the stories of breakthroughs, with presentations by some of the brightest minds in the field about their innovations in numerous facets of the educational process, from science to fine arts.

The summit will serve as a think-tank for educators and innovators in various disciplines.

There will be concurrent sessions for higher education as well as schools, focussing on topics related to innovation, quality education, evaluation and assessment and inclusiveness, among other issues.

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The Hindu is a media partner for the Summit.


Innovate now, benefit laterSeptember 17, 2012