Debolina Roy @debolina_roy19m

Those lucky people getting to watch the Indian Grand Prix in Buddh Intl Circuit. Envy them so much. Last Indian GP for a while i guess.

Deep Inside @deepkalaria33m

Weekend just can't get better for sports fans.... 1) Barca vs Real Madrid 2) Chelsea vs Man City 3)Indian Grand Prix 4) India vs Aus

Mukund' @ScholesLegacy2h

#Matchday Let's get 3 points! Followed by El Clasico.Indian Grand Prix qualifying too! Packed. #.

Connor Rouse @Connor_Rouse6h

Thank god the Indian Grand prix isn't on til 8am,makes it so much easier to get up in the morning

Vishal Chawda@vishalLFC11h

Indian Grand Prix this weekend! :) brilliant track!