The infrastructural facilities at Aalto University, Finland, made Seiharsha Kuchimanchi’s stay worthwhile.

I did a thorough background check when I heard about the course in Radio Communication Engineering in Finland. I applied to Aalto University, Finland, formerly known as Helsinki University of Technology. There is no fee for International students (presently under review). This helps, considering the fact that the cost of living is so high.

Finland is under snow cover for almost six to seven months with sub zero temperatures. Finnish is the main language but most of the people speak English as well. Belonging to a country as diverse as India, Finland feels rather homogeneous. You will observe some similarity in people's habits and manners throughout the country. People speak in a low pitch and are punctual. Finnish people are very helpful — that is only if you ask (they are not intrusive)! 

Studies in Finland are different compared to India. Here the education system follows the period system, where an academic year has a four period system. Each period spreads over a roughly one-and-a-half months, unlike the Indian semester system. So, the time in Finland passes so quickly that we are always supposed to be on our toes.

Students are expected to prepare their own study plans according to their requirements. There is freedom to choose subjects from the various courses. A general impression is that the examination system is pretty relaxed and easy. But the fact is that assignments are tough and take up a lot of time. Professors don’t expect us to remember the formulae or just mug up concepts. They expect us to understand theories and concepts, the importance behind the formula and the ability to implement it. If this is followed it is very easy to score a grade five, which is the highest grade.

The laboratories are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The university also has good relations with various multinational companies. Every department has its own library, where one can borrow 100 books at a time!

People play many games. They like to play ice hockey, futsal and floor ball. Our university has a well maintained indoor stadium. There are canteens in all departments and they serve one vegetarian main course daily.

The writer is pursuing his masters in communication engineering, department of electrical engineering, Aalto University