Now, students and members of the general public who wish to seek information regarding quality of education offered by various educational institutions, being inspected by the UGC, can do so by logging into the website of the University Grants Commission <>.

According to an order passed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development recently, UGC has been directed to place the reports of its Expert committees, entrusted with the duty to inspect any university or any institution, in the public domain. This order is particularly significant for those who are looking to verify information regarding various deemed universities.

Several deemed universities have recently been in the centre of a controversy for not meeting the stipulated standards for quality of courses and faculty in a report prepared by a committee of the HRD Ministry.

The order stipulates all educational institutions approved by the UGC to put up basic information related to the financial situation, physical assets, accreditation ratings, admission criteria, faculty positions, details of faculty and academic curricula on their websites for empowering students, parents and other stake-holders to be able to make informed choices regarding an institution.

Educational institutions are expected to place in the public domain information regarding the process of admissions of all course of study. Information regarding details of faculty positions in each of the department, along with the photographs of such faculty embers and the nature of their employment, whether regular or temporary or visiting or guest, is expected to be displayed.

Information regarding the fee structure regarding all its components is also expected to be up for display.