SASTRA University is gearing up for the fourth edition of its techno-management festival.

For budding engineers who believe technical intelligence knows no bounds, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, promises a dynamic and rewarding experience through DAKSH '10, the fourth edition of its techno-management festival.

Slated for February 19 to 21, the annual international-level event with a prize-money of Rs. 25 lakh seeks to provide the apt ambience to the participants to identify the hitherto unexplored facets of technology with more contests, and definitely more fun.

The technical extravaganza assures an intellectual battle. Event clusters such as Chromoxone, Nirman, Envisage, Robotrix, Shunyakaal, Electron - IQ, and Compsense, will test the students' skills in various fields of engineering and sciences, while Wall Street Calling, NASDaksh, Dream factory, Czar of the Bazaar, etc will put the management prowess of the students to a tough test. Aeromodelling, Astronomy, and Money management workshops are also to be organised to provide a multi-skill platform for the engineering students.

The DAKSH power talk provides the vocal finesse to the proceedings.

Talks on subjects of significant importance to the technological and social world are to be delivered by Swapandas Gupta, journalist and policy analyst; S. Gurumurthy, Chartered Accountant and columnist; Alok Kothari, managing director, Aruba Network India, and Ignesius Thambyraj, program director, IBM.

There will also be a video-conferencing session with ‘The Racing Green Endurance Team' from the Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College, London, credited with transforming one of the world's fastest petrol powered racing cars, Radical SR8, into a high performance electric vehicle. The team is aiming to be the first in the world to drive an electric vehicle the full length of the Pan American Highway — from the southern tip of South America to the Arctic tundra in far north Alaska. The Racing Green Endurance project is an initiative of the Energy Futures Lab, the college's hub for interdisciplinary energy research.

Alongside the competitions and powertalks will be an enthralling Robodance, and LaserNite, on February 20. A professional team from National University of Singapore led by Prahlad Vadakkepat would bring an array of celebrity robots like Manus, a three-time FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) Robot World Cup Champion, a spoke-wheeled robot that can negotiate all terrains and a bimorph.

Living up to the title of the world's most advanced humanoids, these bots boast of performing several commendable feats.

The LaserNite will present a laser-studded show. The laser man touches, rotates, flips and bends laser beams literally making them dance to his own tunes. Three powerful multi-coloured lasers create hues which in addition to many breathtaking display will trace the successful growth of DAKSH.

“DAKSH '10 is a mission to prompt participants to cherish engineering and improvise on technologies, attuning them to the benefit of environment and society. With the motto: Experience Engineering, we are aiming to reach higher altitudes,” said S. Vaidhyasubramaniam, Dean - Planning and Development.

Various technical student clubs of SASTRA are organising the event with Aruba Networks as the title sponsor. Other sponsors comprise JEOL, Springer, TCS, Ramco, and SDR.

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