Film director Anurag Kashyap will be conducting a workshop on scriptwriting for films. The classes will be held at Adishakti Campus, near Pondicherry, off Tindivanam highway from May 13 — 17.

The workshop provides a chance for writing scripts and having them analysed by the director.

Participants will be instructed on the fundamentals of script writing, characterisation, visualisation and dialogue. Kashyap will discuss his own scripts to illustrate how they translate on screen, with clips from his films. Promising scripts by participants may get a chance to be converted into screenplays.

Fledgling writers who want to grasp the basics, writers of scripts for film or television who wish to update their skills or share their ideas, writers who have written scripts but need exposure and evaluation as well as non-professionals interested in learning how to write a script for theatre; television or cinema, can apply.

For details, contact: Sathya Saran,