Vignesh Ganesan speaks about studying music at the University of Edinburgh.

I knew it was a lifetime’s opportunity when I got admitted to the University of Edinburgh in 2011 for an M.Sc. in Acoustic and Music Technology. I was looking forward to enjoying a different student life though it was just over a year. Scotland is such a beautiful place — like a scene out of fairytale.

The people were pleasant, which helped me in settling down. It was in no way similar to the atmosphere of my undergraduate days in India; there were so many new technologies and practices to get accustomed to.

It was fun to be there, but I had to be careful as I was mostly on my own. The accomodation, food — almost everything was expensive. I learnt to manage my expenses and to cook. . There are a lot of part time jobs that one can search for according to his/her comfort level which will definitely help in covering living expenses.

Academic Vigour

The University of Edinburgh is simply amazing. I would say it is one of the best places in the world — where one can be in the midst of academic vigour and intelligence. Everyone who got a chance to be here, went out with something useful, something new that they would remember for life. As I had signed up for a programme in Acoustic and Music Technology I knew there was a lot to learn and that I would enjoy my experience. The classes were interesting with a mixture of assignments, seminars, workshops and so on. One year just flew by. .

It was worth studying and living in such a beautiful and serene place. The only pinch was the lack of placement opportunities for students (as per new visa regulations) who wished to work after their Master’s and did not pursue a Ph.D. in the same line. Now I am back in India and can say with pride that I am an EDN alumnus. I am proud to have completed a course that was challenging, and that I followed my passion.

The recognition and respect I get here is gratifying. I know I am presently not at Edinburgh but I wish to go back and live for a few years.

The writer, an alumni of Vellore Institute of Technology, completed his M.Sc. in Acoustic and Music Technology in the University of Edinburgh recently.