Science has always grown with breakthrough innovations that have been the talk of that century. Not only have these formidable inventions and innovations created a stir but have also facilitated an environment conducive to scientific thinking.

Taking science and technology outside classrooms, providing young untethered minds a chance to explore, innovate and create has always been the driving spirit behind Kurukshetra and in a broader sense the preferred pattern of work at the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai.

Kurukshetra, the annual techno-management fest of the College of Engineering, Guindy was conceived with the very idea of evoking that lost sense of wonder that science brings in its wake. Guest lectures, Workshops and Exhibitions primarily hold the responsibility of re-creating the true nature of innovative scientific research.

With state of the art technology and products of cutting edge research on display, with eminent technologists and experts of the field explaining their innovations, Kurukshetra truly guarantees an electrifying atmosphere that is sure to kindle the creative spirit. It is testimony to the magnificence of Kurukshetra that it is the only student organised event in India to be bestowed the UNESCO patronage. Kurukshetra also offers school students an opportunity to understand and appreciate the latest developments in technology. Early birds learn faster and the K! experience is sure to leave them enthralled.

Events that are an integral part of Kurukshetra also help to bring to the fore the best of the engineering skills. With a gamut of events spanning all streams of engineering, there is something on offer for everyone. Projects and Project K! can easily be singled out among Kurukshetra's top highlights that give wing to student ideas. Each year a Kurukshetra mega project goes on display marking the technical supremacy and the skill of the students of CEG. This spirit of innovation and creativity is what runs and drives every CEGian and forms the crux of Kurukshetra. So this January (21st- 23rd be sure to experience the ultimate revolution in engineering!