Freedom is something everyone desires. But very few actually have the privilege of spending a carefree yet halcyon life. However, college is one place where most of our culpable desires tend to get fulfilled. At least if you are not nerdy and have an appetite for enjoyment then this is the best place to do so.


With these thoughts in mind I left my college campus for the two month summer break. My first year had come to an end and I didn't have a girlfriend, in other words, a proper life. But the end of exams had brought a feeling of nostalgia which kept me thinking about home. But all this dramatically disappeared when I did get there with a rather hollow ‘what now' feeling. After all, the same disciplined, boring routine which began with brushing your teeth and also culminated with that, inclusive of some lavatory needs and household chores, would start again.

But, I was in for some surprises as my parents seemed to have turned into a new leaf. The long gap had somehow brought us closer and none of us seemed willing to give the other unnecessary trouble. So once again it is turning out to be a tryst with vacations, with me longing to extend my stay although they have just started.

This is a feeling many of us share. We do not look forward to leaving the untamed and engrossing college life.

But when we do reach our homes and come under our parents' care and pampering, we do not wish to return. I think this is how life is supposed to be.

Shashank Saurav, Sophomore, BITS Pilani University.