The uncertain situation in the State following a spate of agitations for and against the formation of separate Telangana has cast a shadow over the plans for New Year celebrations among college students this year, says D V L PADMAPRIYA

Varun Krishnan, an engineering final year student and his group of friends had planned to throw a party at college this New Year's eve. Plans were being made for the same from October. But with the Telangana agitation spreading like wild fire and colleges being shut down indefinitely, they had no other option but to cancel their plans.

Uncertainty over the situation outside has dampened the New Year celebrations among college students this year. “Myself and my group of friends had planned to go out for a party but with the situation being very dicey, my parents have advised me to stay at home,” says 18-year-old Sreeja, a degree student.

However, there are a few who say they are not going to let anything spoil their New Year plans. “I was to initially go out with my friends. But now I will be going over to a friend's place and celebrating New Year's eve there,” says Prasanna, an engineering student.

“It is so difficult to get permission from parents to go out on New Year's eve and with such conditions outside, there is no way i can even think of going out,” says a grouchy P. Neha, a degree student.

The guys on the other end don't seem too concerned about the prevailing situation and have decided to make the most of the day.

“Since all of us would be heading in different directions in 2010, we have decided to celebrate this New Year's together come what may. We are planning to go to Surya Lanka beach near Bapatla,” says final year degree student K. Narendra.

Recession blues

For others like M. Tejaswini, who has come home from U.S. after an year and half, spending quality time with family is the perfect way to welcome the New Year. “I will be at home and spend some nice time with my family and other cousins.

One doesn't have to necessarily go out to celebrate New Year's,” she says.

Recession and absence of placements in colleges have also left many students anxious.

“We were told that placements would begin in December but almost the entire month the college was closed and now we are not sure if we will have placements next month or not. Frankly, New Year eve partying is the last thing on many of our minds,” opines K.Shiva, another student.

Many have voluntarily put off their plans to express their solidarity to the Telangana movement. “I want to celebrate New Year's in a separate State of Telangana by next year,” says Vijay Reddy, a final-year engineering student.

Similar sentiments are expressed by other students from different colleges who feel that the Telangana issue is more important than “one day's fun and frolic.”

And then there are those who would prefer just “chilling at home” like Neelesh and Sailesh, twins. “We have drawn up a list of movies we are have to watch and have invited a couple of friends over too. What can be more fun than this?” ask the brothers.