A degree in hotel management can be considered as a visa to the world as its applicability is same across the world

Drive away the notion that hospitality industry is inferior to others. A sector where seniors command salaries much higher than the IT sector cannot be inferior and its potential needs to be understood properly by parents and students, argued Y. Sridevi, Director of Pinnacle Institute of Hotel Management. At a seminar on “Career Opportunities in Hospitality Industry”, organised by ‘The Hindu Education Plus’, she said parents need to understand that engineering was not the only respectable and economically viable sector. One can achieve a lot in this industry as the employment opportunities are enormous with more than 40 streams seeking graduates from the hotel management stream.

“These students are masters in pleasing due to their training and every industry now prefers hotel management candidates.”

However, she cautioned students that it was not an easy course as they have to study at least 30 subjects during the three-year course. Those with not much inclination towards Mathematics and Sciences can choose this as a profession and reach positions much higher than those enjoyed in the IT and software sector. Ms. Sridevi assured that it was the safest profession for girls and it suits their nature.

Moreover, a degree in hotel management can be considered as a visa to the world as its applicability is same across the world in sectors like tourism, retail, insurance, hospitals, catering, IT, resorts, clubs and all the entertainment related industries. Basically, hotel management students are multi-faceted. Vikas Grover, Executive Chef, Hotel Aditya Sarovar Premiere explained the excitement and the challenges faced in the Food and Beverages division. Those with creative culinary skills can make it big in the profession and a chef commands lot of respect within the hotel industry, he said. But passion for the job is must to go up professionally and monetarily.

He advised the youngsters not to worry about salaries initially. Jobs and money will run after the talented and hardworking people if they concentrate on learning the work initially. For those preferring to start a hotel, he said working in a hotel for a few years is must to understand the nuances.

K.N.V. Sitaramaiah of Green Leaf Events and Wedding Planners pointed out the immense opportunities in the sector that is growing enormously adding new streams of job opportunities. He said there is a shortage of trained personnel and qualified people are commanding handsome salaries. He wanted parents not to ridicule the profession and explained how he left the Government service to enter the hospitality sector.