Twenty-year-old Atul Mishra has been selected for an expedition to Antarctica to understand the problems affecting its ecosystem; however, he has to raise U.S. $22,000 to fund his travel.

Climate change has been a much-contested topic, and the some of the colder regions of the world which are affected as a result of global warming lie at the heart of this debate.

While, on the one hand, big debates have taken place and treaties signed, on the other, several individuals and organisations have been proactive in creating awareness about the key climate issues.


2041 is one such organisation dedicated to the cause of conserving Antarctica. Led by Robert Swan, the only person in history to have walked both the poles, the Antarctic Youth Ambassador Programme is one of the initiatives of this body.

It engages the youth by organising an expedition to Antarctica to help them understand its topography and analyse steps to salvage it.

“To be at the centre of what you have been reading about since your school days is a unique feeling. Very few people get the opportunity of travelling to Antarctica,” says Atul Mishra. He is one of the few youngsters who have been selected for the annual expedition taking place from March 8 to 21, 2014.

However, each participant is required to pay a sum of U.S. $ 22,000 for the expedition. A graduate of Economics Honours from Deshbandhu College, Delhi University, Mishra says that he is required to pay U.S. $5,000 by August this year to secure his reservation. The fee covers the following costs: airfare, gear, shipboard accommodation, meals, miscellaneous service taxes, among other things.

If you can help him find sponsors, please get in touch with him at or call him 8447016049.