Goutam’s ‘Basanti’ is set to release this month and the young actor feels his patience paid off

The excitement is palpable when Goutam talks of Basanti’s release this month. The young man had waited patiently for the right script and everything seems to be falling in place now. Anyone in his situation would have succumbed to the pressure of being Brahmanandam’s son and not having a good film to prove his calibre. “True, I must have heard around 35 stories, I would like a few, and somehow they would get stuck at some stage. But I continued to be in touch with people, listening to scripts, working out at the gym… it wasn’t as if I was sitting idle,” says Goutam.

The actor and his brother Siddarth were impressed with director Chaitanya Dantuluri’s Banam and decided to approach him. . Chaitanya apparently insisted on narrating the story first and work on the logistics later. Goutam adds, “I could feel a sense of rush and some kind of excitement while I heard it. Ever since, I have been waiting for its release. I am very happy with the space given to me. The character I play has a lot of friends, there is dance, fight and every one has an important role to play. It is neither an out of the box story nor a total commercial film.”

At a time when the public and the actors are tilting and inclined towards comedy and wholesome entertainment, Goutam was smart enough to submit himself to the demands of the character which doesn’t rely on comedy. He avers, “I just want to prove myself as an actor, not looking for an image, I am always looking for a slot where people can notice me, my worth and luckily that was the time I found this script. I want to do good work. I have done a good and a sincere film, the result is not in our hands but I am content that I contributed 100 percent.”

Goutam agrees it is a film that both the director and himself will be waiting to a prove a point — in a way it is an acid test for the duo.

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