Actor Dileep remembers his well-wisher, friend and co-actor Cochin Haneefa.

I have only seen Haneef ekka [Cochin Haneefa] with a smile on his face. He was very special to all the people who knew him because he was one of those rare people who would never ever badmouth anyone. There was no rancour or bitterness in him.

He was always ready to help a person. And in all my hits, Haneef ekka had a major hand in its success. I used to seek his advice before I produced a film or acted in a movie. And his advice would always guide you on the right track. Once, I was going through a bad period when some of my films had flopped. So I was a little nervous and downcast when I was going to produce ‘CID Moosa.' But Haneef ekka told me: ‘You go ahead. We will all be there for you.' He took time off from his busy schedule to be there for the shoot of the film and kept my morale high.

It is impossible to count the number of persons he has helped. Even when Haneef ekka went hungry, he would not hesitate to help a person who was in need of money or a kind word. Senior actors have told me stories about his magnanimity. He was like a family member and once he invited me to Thalasseri where I was given a king's welcome at his wife's house.

I had the privilege of acting with him in what was to be his last film in Malayalam, ‘Bodyguard.' Although he was aware about his illness, he never let it mar his sunny and humane attitude towards life. That was Haneef ekka.


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