M.M. Ramachandran's ‘Holidays' is about a group of youngsters who undergo a rather eventful journey.

A group of trendy, colourfully dressed youngsters alight from a luxury bus that has stopped amidst the lush greenery at FACT, Ambalamugal, near Kochi. The shot is being canned for producer and entrepreneur M.M. Ramachandran's directorial debut, 'Holidays'.

“We are narrating a story of a couple of IT students who are on their way home from their college in Bangalore. During that journey, certain unprecedented incidents occur. A murder takes place and soon they become embroiled in that,” says Ramachandran, a popular face due to the Atlas jewellery advertisements.

He has also produced ‘Vyshali' and has acted in a couple of movies.

“However, for now, my focus will be on direction. I was fascinated by the movie's storyline and decided to go ahead with the project as I have always wanted to be a director. The real star here is the story. The actors too are doing a good job,” he says.

Focus on direction

Kalbahvan Mani and Harisree Ashokan are the veterans in the film dominated by new faces. Albie (Vinu Mohan), Sudhi (Sudheesh), Soumithran (Rajith Menon), Shyam (Biyon), Veeramani (Anoop Chandran), Janet (Muktha) and Riya (Priya Lal) are the IT students who are travelling on the luxury bus. Lekha Paul (Sruthilakshmi) boards the bus during the journey. The men on the bus are forced into a scuffle when a gang tries to attack her. The camera is mounted on a crane for an aerial shot.

The young actors look excited as they prepare for the next scene to be shot inside the bus. They cry in unison that they are having a great time.

‘Holidays' is being produced by T. Satheesh Babu under the banner of Cinema Factory. Cinematographer is Utpal V. Nayanar. Lyrics by Kaithapram and Santhosh Varma have been set to music by Alex Paul. Still photographer is Momi.