Sridevi on enjoying the limelight once again

Sridevi’s comeback vehicle English Vinglish has worked wonders at the box office and garnered her considerable appreciation, but the actor says the success hasn’t sunk in yet. Excerpts from an interview.

Did you ever expect such a response and how does it feel to be in the spotlight once again?

The feeling is yet to sink in, may be after a couple of weeks, I will realise that this is for real. As a woman and as a wife, I could relate to my character.

Since you play a housewife in the film, has any homemaker come to you with special comments?

Everyday, you come across different people, and their various reactions. It really surprises me. I am particularly amazed that the audience did take notice of the minute details you think they may not notice.

Some in the audience thought there will be an extramarital liaison between your character and that played by French actor Mehdi Nebbou. Was it a conscious decision to tread away from the usual?

Yes, I think it has added a suspense element to the film. It is good that the audience was kept guessing.

The film was highly concept-driven. As an actor, did that make your job any easy?

I blindly followed Gauri Shinde. I am a director’s actor, I did whatever she wanted me to do. Fortunately, the audiences are willing to see something different and even the producers are willing to take a chance.

How was it working under a woman director for the first time in your career that spans three decades?

Thanks to Gauri, I felt like I was at home. Working under a woman director was comfortable, we could share anything. With a male director, I would have been quieter.

Now that your comeback film is a success, will we see you doing more films?

It depends on how much more the audience wants to see me. I just want to be comfortable; I don’t want to feel embarrassed.

Bollywood News Service