A debut director would like to have all the good things in his first film so that it clicks at the box office. But he must know how to use them in the right measure. This is where the director of Angel Film International Thambi Arjuna has erred.

Dharma (Ferozh Khan) and Arjuna (Ramana) are brothers who are brought up by a goon Mani. But Dharma leaves Mani and becomes a more powerful goon. He does not want his brother Arjuna to follow in his footsteps. So he makes his brother study aeronautical engineering and wants him to lead a respectable life. Arjuna falls in love with Radha (Ashima) who is the daughter of Vedagiri, a Commissioner of Police. When Dharma requests Vedagiri to give his daughter in marriage to his brother, he is insulted and beaten with a slipper. Knowing this Arjuna goes to Vedagiri's house and hits him back with a slipper. Meanwhile, Vedagiri gets an order from the Chief Minister to rid the city of all anti-social elements. Dharma along with his assistants and family are chased by police. The Commissioner wants to take revenge and goes in search of Dharma and Arjuna.

It is a pity that Ramana with his physique and acting abilities has not been able to get good roles. In this film also he gets lesser frames than Ferozh Khan who has also done a good job. But the bad make-up lets him down.

Ashima emotes well while Suman as Commissioner of Police is impressive. Nan Kadavul Rajendran as Mani is adequate and Arun Pandian fits the role of Chief Minister.

Camera is handled by Madhavaraj Dhathar, who rises to the occasion. But Dhina's music is a big let-down as neither the songs nor the background score is up to the mark. M.Gandhi's dialogues are nothing to write home about. Director Vijay R. Anand who is also in-charge of the story and screenplay should have worked more on the screenplay to make the film interesting.

Thambi Arjuna

Genre: Social

Cast: Ramana, Ferozh Khan, Ashima, Suman, Nan Kadavul Rajendran, Arun Pandian, Balasingh, Rekha and Yuvarani

Director: Vijay R. Anand

Story: Fight between a police officer and two brothers

Bottomline: The director has gone wrong with the measure of essential cinematic ingredients