Partho Gupte on making the cut as Arjun

Partho, who won the National Award for the best child actor in Stanley Ka Dabba, talks like a seasoned actor. He says he had spent enough time with the character Arjun to understand the nuances.

“I knew even when the odds were against him he is in control of situation. So I kept my expressions in check. And the four boys in the film are my friends. We have a give and take kind of relationship when it comes to acting,” he says. Deepa says, given a chance, Partho would like to spend a sleepover with his band of boys rather than his school friends.

On getting a crew cut for the film, Partho says he was initially hesitant, “because the film was shot during my school holidays when I could really flaunt my thick mop but as you know the character demanded it and I said what the heck, cut them! In a way it proved to be blessing because after I cut I could feel the impact of water when I took shower and it felt great. Also, when I went back to the class, the teacher presented it as an example of discipline.”


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