A project with Gautham Menon is set to put Ram's career on an upswing

Ram's office in Sagar Society wears a spartan look. Completely shorn of any embellishments, the walls, curtains, sofas all are in pristine white, even the Porsche Cayenne on which he recently spent a bomb on is white.

Admitting that it's his favourite colour, Ram explains his fetish for white: “I'm surrounded by many people at the shooting spot dressed in many hues and when I return home to de-stress, I need the calm and tranquillity associated with white. Bright colours are for films alone. My dad gifted me an Accord on the 100thday of Devdas and that was in white but nothing excited me as much as this which has been voted the best SUV on the planet. I got this one with my money, I get emotionally attached to my cars because I spend a lot of time in it, my Endeavour too has all the pillows and blankets,” says Ram who speaks of white and cars in the same excited breath.

But his excitement these days is also for another reason: a film with Gautham Menon. After Ye Maya Chesave, to be directed by Menon is considered good fortune by heroes in the industry. Ram is happy for being the chosen one. A bi-lingual, it will take off after the director finishes Ye Maya…in Hindi. Ram had been planning to do a Tamil film for many years, he was in fact supposed to do Premiste in Tamil and later two films by director Vishnu Vardhan that didn't happen due to various reasons.

Currently he's playing a college going guy in Kandireega and is all excited as he's never done that before.

Ram says half his life is spent in front of the mirror and that's the way one learns and corrects himself. His room and office in Chennai and Hyderabad has one wall that is completely mirrored. He says that style and expression keep improving when you watch yourself on the mirror.

“Expression pedithe na face yela undalo naku teliyaali. I keep trying out new stuff, that's how I came up with eye brow dance in Ready.”

Not the one to be typecast, Ram admits to getting bored with routine things that include roles.

“A serious film would drive me nuts. There have been times when I was offered an out and out mass film which required me to wield a knife. Luckily I saw through the season of ‘action' and did something more light and entertaining. There is still some time for that and I want to space out my career and achieve a perfect balance of love stories and mass movies.”

Ram enjoys the adulation but hates to be mobbed and calls himself a shy person.

“I got close to being scratched many times by the fans. They shouldn't twist my finger, take it away and gloat …arrey Ram velu pattukocchaenu ra! Lot of people think I have attitude as I don't flirt with my heroines. But, that's the reason why I'm not linked with any one of them and they respect me.”

The actor adds he doesn't drink, smoke or chill out with girls and party so people consider him abnormal. He sleeps early and that too is considered abnormal.

At parties or family get-togethers if he hangs on beyond ten, his folks rag him, “yenti inka ikkade vunnavu podukoledha?”