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Updated: November 9, 2013 23:44 IST

On a roll

harshikaa udasi
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Kareena Kapoor
The Hindu
Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor talks of her relationship with her husband Saif and upcoming movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Harshikaa Udasi listens in

She walks in like a breeze, clothed in comfortable tights and a fashionable tee. Hair tied up in a neat ponytail and not a trace of makeup on the face, Kareena puts on ten different expressions as she spots her co-star Imran Khan sitting with a plateful of samosas. “How many have you tucked in, huh? How can you still look fitter than yesterday?” she grills him. Satisfied by his responses of sticking to the strict diet he is on, Kareena settles down for her own interview.

She doesn’t seem to have changed at all since her marriage and the reports thereafter of having turned into just Mrs. Saif Ali Khan seem fictitious. Ask her how two film personalities gel at home and she says, “It’s simple. We keep work out of our lives. He doesn’t know what I do and I don’t know what he does either. Ours is an evolved modern relationship. He doesn’t know that I am meeting the media for interviews today,” says the actress, whose Punit Malhotra film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is up for release on November 22. Saif’s Bullett Raja is scheduled for release a week later.

While the high-profile couple ‘Saifeena’ was and still remains a hot topic of discussion, the actress makes it clear when it comes to involving hubby dearest in her talk. Asked if she has creative inputs to offer in Saif’s productions, she says, “Not an ounce. It was an unspoken rule that we’d never get in the way of each other’s work.” She doesn’t see herself playing any role in Illuminati Films even at a future date. “I am certain I won’t. It gives the two of us the liberty of choosing our films, our co-stars. If we get a chance to work together, we’ll consider it. Even if we don’t, it’s fine,” she says.

After Satyagraha, in which she played a journalist supporting social issues, Kareena is now playing a social activist in this Karan Johar-produced film. “It is a similar premise, but Karan’s social activist is a little different from Prakash Jha’s, wouldn’t you say?” she winks. “Karan’s activist not only raises her voice for social concerns but also does a ‘Tooh’ and a ‘Chingam’ dance,” she says, laughing heartily. “But what does one do? These things work for the film.”

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is essentially the story of a village where the only means of commuting is by using a rope bridge. Spurred on by the desire to make a change, a young spirited girl reaches out to the village and is followed by the man who is in love with her. The film promises to be a romantic comedy interspersed with a social issue, with the first half set in the city and the second half in a village. “What she feels for, she speaks of and acts on it too. She thinks that every single issue from corruption to crime against women should be handled personally by her. I work on films that people have decided to let go off, I end up giving films on a platter to some actors!” she adds, with her trademark pout. That’s candid Kareena for you.

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