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Updated: January 29, 2011 16:18 IST

Making the CUT

Jigar Shah
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Kareena Kapoor. Photo: Special Arrangement
Kareena Kapoor. Photo: Special Arrangement

Kareena Kapoor on diet and her staple — the movies

In a breezy conversation, Kareena Kapoor talks about her diet, sharing tips on eating right with co-stars and, incidentally about Ra. One and Agent Vinod. Excerpts…

Is it true that you were moving around with a bottle of milk in Las Vegas?

Since I'm very conscious of what I eat and drink, I am habituated to drinking a glass of milk after my dinner. I just shot for Short Term Shaadi in Las Vegas and I don't think I have ever felt better. I hope I look better in the film too — I have not seen myself in it yet.

Do you faithfully follow your dietician Rujuta Diwekar's diet?

I have just come back from a 15-day holiday; and even there I followed her diet. I also ate the chocolates and the cheeses and I think I still look fit for someone who has holidayed for 15 days. I'm endorsing Rujuta's second book ‘Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha' because I believe in her work — the results are there for everyone to see. To me, Rujuta is not a dietician nor a friend … but a magician. She has transformed my life, the way I think. Thanks to her diet, I'm glowing because I'm eating what I like.

Do you think Bollywood celebrities today are very dependent on dieticians?

Bollywood on the whole is on a diet where they don't eat carbohydrates because they find it easy. Most dieticians will tell you to stop eating rice and roti and you will notice a change in your body. However, Rujuta has never told me not to eat roti or rice. I eat everything in the right proportion. You should eat what you want to but opt for half of it. Earlier, I would finish a 12-inch pizza all by myself, but now I occasionally eat three slices of the pizza and before that I eat a bowl of salad. So I'm having what I want and yet not putting on weight.

It is said that you have also recommended your diets to your co-stars?

While shooting a song for Ra.One, my spot boy Prakash would get me a bowl of makhanas at four o'clock sharp. Shah Rukh asked me what I was having and I gave him some to try, saying my dietician had advised me to have them as they were rich in calcium and iron. Ever since, Shah Rukh has been addicted to them. Now the entire industry knows I eat phool makhanas and Shah Rukh, Tusshar et al are all having them.

And Saif?

Saif has always been fit; he is fitter now, thanks to Agent Vinod. He is also into Rujuta's diet, and he does yoga so I guess my influence has rubbed off on him.

Have you done action sequences in Agent Vinod and Ra.One?

No. I'm not doing action sequences in any of my films, be it Agent Vinod or Ra.One. I think I dance better than I do action. I do what that I enjoy and I do not enjoy hanging of a harness or doing taekwondo, etc. I'm very feminine. I have never been interested in action.

A few days back, Shah Rukh's look for Ra.One was released. When do we see your look?

It is a strategy by Shah Rukh — first they will reveal the look of Ra.One, then the kid. My look will take time. The film releases in October.

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