The first half of this film produced by Muthulaksmi Movies and presented by Raj Cinema is a laugh riot. The second half shows the protagonist in a new light.

A zamindar (Nasser) and his wife (Saranya) agree to marry off their daughter Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma) to ‘Challenge' Singaram (Vivek).

A good-for-nothing person, Singaram plays a game of cards on the day of his marriage and loses all his money. His wayward ways land him in trouble. He is accused of a murder which he did not commit and even forced to go to jail.

After he is released, his wife Ponnarasi takes him to Chennai for employment. He works hard and becomes the owner of a big real estate company. He wants to return the money his father-in-law had spent to secure his release from jail. Off he goes to Palani with his wife Ponnarasi. There he learns that his in-laws have left the place due to debts and that their ancestral bungalow has been sealed. What follows are a couple of unexpected twists…

As ‘Challenge' Singaram, Vivek has done a good job. The scene in which he woos the heroine with a paniyaram is laugh-worthy and unforgettable. He also makes the audience shed some tears in the scene where his grandmother passes away.

Yamini Sharma excels as Ponnarasi, while Livingston essays his role with ease. Mithun, as the zamindar's son, who is being pursued by three women in a plot masterminded by Livingston, deserves pass marks. Saranya's work is convincing. Some of the songs by music director Dhina are okay. ‘Yarathu Yarathu' sung by Sadhana Sargam is hummable. Lyric writer late Marudhakasi's ‘Muruga Muruga' is another good number. The re-recording is up to the mark. Rajarajan's cinematography is noteworthy. Ganesh's editing skills need to be honed. Director T.P. Gajendran deserves a pat for making a film with commercial ingredients in ample measure.

Magane En Marumagane

Genre: Family drama

Cast: Vivek, Mithun, Yamini Sharma, Thenmozhi, Nasser, Saranya, Livingston, Meenal, Paravai Muniamma and Thambi Ramaiya

Director: T.P.Gajendran

Storyline: How a good-for-nothing young man works hard, becomes a millionaire and makes his family happy

Bottomline: An entertainer