Cast: Mahadev, Sri Kavya, JP Reddy

Direction: Vasireddy Vidyasagar

Music: Quddus

Genre: Love

Plot: Studies, sport and values become priority for lovers

Bottomline: People seeking ordinary love stories stay away

This title will set you wondering about what the content could be — what gives the director the confidence to label it as something out of the box? Debutant director Vidyasagar whose business and passion is education (he runs computer courses in 250 colleges and schools in Guntur), has conceived the subject with clarity.

The film very clearly will not be commercially successful but the director needs a pat on his back for attempting something idealistic, clean, sensible and sensitive.

At no point in the film will you find any character speaking in a harsh offensive manner. When all love stories require a hint of romance and sex or something shocking to tilt the box office fortune in their favour, Vidyasagar’s story does not suggest love even in the eyes of the lead pair.

It is about a boy and a girl who grow up together, study in the same school and college, develop a fondness for each other but the priority in their lives has always been studies.

The director clearly shows that this is the age where the youth need to have a goal, focus, ambition and a passion to become something in life. He shows that the boy and girl are ready to express their feelings only after getting a job and are ready to face the world. He shows that in this process of becoming a ideal student, one needn’t concentrate on studies alone, extra curricular activities like music and sports can be pursued with equal zeal.

The story begins interestingly with three people, a producer (Vennela Kishore), his friend who invested some money in the project (Tagubothu Ramesh), a distributor (Jyothi) and a man who knows the mass pulse (Nalla Venu) watch the first copy and discuss this film intermittently while it is in progress throwing in comments, sarcasm and reflecting the feelings of the audience.

One negative aspect of the film is the last song — it’s too lengthy and boring, not properly choreographed. Some scenes are repeated to tell the boy and girl’s story from their point of view but has not been conveyed well. JP Reddy plays a soft role for a change and is impressive; newcomers Mahadev and Sri Kavya do a neat, confident job. The latter has all the qualities to make it big. An interesting aspect of a lake in Uppalapadu is revealed in the film. Cinematography enhances the narrative but the director should be ready with an answer for using the number Gunna Maavidi Konda Meedha Goollu Rendunnayi, awareness on the Copyright Act is imperative. Very good effort this one!