Actor Shah Rukh Khan thanked his fans and apologised for causing them so much stress over the last few days. On micro-blogging site Twitter, he said: “...& now truly know the meaning of being humbled. lov u all so much.”

More tweets from the actor: “as the film releases & reports pour in praising karan’s work i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has gone to see the film.”

“only regret our own city mumbai is still to see it in full flow. I just want to tell everyone that i feel more patriotic than ever before.”

“i love india & indians. i love mumbai & mumbaikers & once again reiterate i sincerely from the bottom of heart regret having hurt so many.”

“and once again my fellow countrymen, if anything i have said wittingly or unwittingly to have disturbed any my work or words, i wholeheartedly regret...and i love u very very very very much. thank u thank u thank u.”

“i am humbled by this show of love & kindness. so dont know wot else to say. overwhelmed & promise will make india proud with my hard work.”