There’s never a dull moment as seats wobble and creatures on the screen almost hit you at the 7D theatre at Abirami Mega Mall

A giant snake almost devours us, bats screech past and bugs gnaw at our feet. It’s dark in here except for a dim violet light filtering in from above. Most of the people around are screaming, some laughing nervously and it could well be a challenge for the brave to sit unmoved. At Abirami Mega Mall’s 7D theatre there’s never a dull moment.

“The city’s first 7D theatre it features a selection of 3D films along with simulation, fragrance and smoke, storm and lightning effects, gust of air, bubbles, rain and snow depending on the movie that’s playing,” says Nallamai Ramanathan, executive director, Abirami Theatres. Since it’s a week day today the 24-seater theatre is a little empty. For company we have a few youngsters who seem to have bunked college. But on weekends it’s a different story.

The seats are comfortable but doesn’t let you get too comfortable as they shake and move in tandem with what’s going on the screen. And on screen when you are being transported in a wagon that’s plunging into a dark chasm, the seats tip slightly, giving the impression of falling deep down, not to mention the various spring and feathery props under the seats that hit your feet every time slimy creatures make an appearance on screen. No wonder some had their feet up in the air. “We imported this unit from Israel and it cost us about Rs. 1.5 crore. We keep changing the movies every week and they have also been imported,” she says

This week the movies being played are Dino Short and Tropicana. The other movies include Haunted Raceway, Asylum, Western Coaster, Devil’s Mind Ride and Kopalena all of which are animated films. Two films are screened at a time, each about 10 minutes long. A good thing too, for after a point the constantly shaking seats, all the hollering and tickling at the feet and intermittent spurts of water does get exhausting. And as the show ends and the lights come on, what you also notice amidst the excited faces are a few embarrassed ones, those that shrieked throughout. But then it’s alright to be scared, its part of the fun.

There is a show every 20 minutes and is open to those above the age of six (except heart patients and pregnant women).