Red hot

Scarlett Johansson looks hot in Iron Man 2 but not nearly as hot as she felt. The sexy star has said she suffered for her art while acting out the role of Black Widow opposite Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man. “The suit I wore was tight but not too tight but it was hot in there,” says Scarlett of her figure-hugging Black Widow outfit. “I had to do a lot of stunts and wire work and I can tell you Lycra can be a bit hot in those situations.”

Game for Prince part

Jake Gyllenhaal is hoping for more joystick-waggling if Prince of Persia proves a box office hit. The Brokeback Mountain star can't hide his thrill in having to become a gamer to research his video game-inspired role. “It was fun,” says Jake. “I've never done research playing video games before. It's quite a change. Sometimes I'd read books or I've hung out with Marines, but playing video games is great fun. I hope to do it again some time.”

Resident remedy

Milla Jovovich is facing her fears while scaring audiences with her zombie-bashing antics. The model-turned-actor will hit cinemas with a fourth Resident Evil movie and that means even less for Milla to get spooked about. “These movies are great for me because I'm not scared of quite so many things now,” she says. “I think the reason I make these kind of movies is to get away from my own fears, to challenge myself to be stronger. Apart from the normal death, illness and spider fears, there is not much that gets to me. Oh, and going to the dentist!”

Burning ambition

Nicolas Cage has just realised a lifelong ambition — to shoot fire out of his hands! The Con Air actor says new movie Sorcerers Apprentice took him back to his childhood when he dreamt of having super powers. “This is what I've been waiting to do my whole life,” says Nic of his magical role as a wizard. “As a kid I was always flying around and killing monsters and shooting energy out of my hands. The role also lends itself to do what I love doing which is pratfalls and standing awkwardly and getting to shoot plasma out of my hands at the same time, so it's just a marriage of my two passions.”

Screen showdown?

Art may soon be imitating life a little too closely for Jennifers Lopez and Garner. The post and present Ben Affleck partners are being lined up for a chick flick in which they play bitter love rivals. “It really is just coincidence that their names have cropped up for this project but it's clear that sparks would certainly fly if J-Lo and Jennifer Garner did decide to work together. Neither has been ruled out of the project yet so something may happen.”

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