After becoming popular as Delhi Ganesh, did you visit the place?

Yes, not only did I go to Delhi four times, I also visited the place where I worked — the Air Force. When I went to Delhi to stage my troupe Om Ganesh Creations’ plays “My Dear Asha” and “Meendum Suprapadam”, I spent nearly a day in the Air Force camp. It was a memorable day not only for me but also for my troupe members who were surprised to learn what I was before I entered this industry.

Do you agree that yours is an old style of acting?

You are partially right. Actually, acting doesn’t have an old or a new style. The artists of our times are from the stage. So we tend to get bolder and bigger in our reactions. Now with technological advancement, we don’t need to overact. I take the good from the old as well as the new line of acting so that I will be here for many more years to come.

Have you ever regretted not playing the hero?

Certainly not. This is because I don’t believe in fighting 10 persons at a time or singing duets; they are unrealistic.

How many films have you acted in so far?

I feel the quality of the roles I play is more important. I might have done over 500 films, several serials and stage shows. I have acted in all the four Southern languages and Hindi, and worked with almost all the stars of Tamil cinema from Sivaji Ganesan to Silambarasan.

Then what’s the role you dream to play?

I would like to do the role Sivaji Ganesan did in Gowravam or Vietnam Veedu or Tillana Mohanambal.