Intelligent humour that erupts at the most unexpected moments has been the mainstay of Bhoopathy Pandian's films. Even serious scenes have an undercurrent of levity running through them. We saw it in Devadhaiyai Kandaen, Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam and Malaikkottai. The trend continues in Kaadhal Solla Vandhaen (U).

When comedy is dialogue driven, as it is in KSV, modulation and timing are vital — both Balaji, the young hero, and Sabesh Karthik, who plays his friend, score here. The two are freshers in college. Balaji (he's Prabhu in the film) is floored by Sandhya's beauty (Meghna Sundar), from the moment he sets eyes on her on his first day in college. He follows her through the day by the end of which, he's head over heels in love! That she's a couple of years senior doesn't matter to him.

Natural in performance, Meghna Sundar, a Nayantara look-alike, acquits herself well.

Guest appearances are becoming a norm with Arya — after SMS, he's again a one-scene-wonder in KSV. R. Sundarrajan, as Balaji's father, comes up with some witty one-liners in typical style to enliven matters further.

If the comic element had been sustained throughout, KSV would have been a better entertainer! When you are looking forward to more of the wit and fun that you witness for most part of the film, matters suddenly turn serious, because Bhoopathy Pandian doesn't wish to follow the spontaneous route to the climax. He could have made the age difference between the hero and heroine a non-issue (Anyway, it is!) but he prefers to take the tear-filled route. Groan!

Yuvan Shankar's score is an elevating factor of KSV. And the gratifying aspect of the numbers is that they have not been used as mere appendages — the music and montages that go with them take the story forward. ‘Saami Varugudhu' is the sole exception. ‘O Shala' is among the hum-worthy pieces of KSV.

Interesting camera angles are samples of cinematographer Rana's skill.

Fun greets you in every frame almost till the end — so the overdose of seriousness in the last 20 minutes of the film is a dampener. Wonder why Bhoopathy Pandian couldn't have worked out a climax that suits the rest of the story!