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Updated: July 20, 2013 20:16 IST

Friends and fisticuffs

Udhav Naig
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A still from Thagararu
Special Arrangement A still from Thagararu

Arulnidhi plays a petty thief in action thriller Thagararu which is under production

After garnering positive reviews for his performance as an innocent college student in the critically acclaimed Mouna Guru, Arulnidhi will be seen in the role of a petty thief in Ganesh Vinaayac’s Thagararu. While Mouna Guru was a serious film that dealt with corrupt cops, the actor assures that Thagararu will be a ‘lively’ film set in Madurai. As is evident from the trailers, there will be no shortage of sickles and knives in the film. “It is basically an action thriller revolving around four petty thieves, who are also friends, living in Madurai. How each of their encounters lands them in a bigger problem makes for an interesting climax,” he says.

The premise sounds funny. Will the film have comedy? “Yes, lots of it,” he says, before going on to add, “Throughout the film I speak broken English to impress Poorna, who plays a college student.”

Ask him what made him accept the role, and he says, “The character I play is a restless personality, contributing to the raw, unpolished humour in the film. For instance, when he sees the girl or when he is doing something wrong, he is unable to behave in a normal way. I have been wanting to do such a role for quite some time.”

The actor, who made his debut with Vamsam in 2010, feels that the filmmakers approaching him tend to think of him more as an action hero. He attributes this to his athletic looks. “Perhaps it’s my height that makes them want to cast me as an action hero. But, I like doing comedy. I think it comes naturally to me.”

In fact, the actor’s next couple of films, one directed by Simbhudevan and another produced by Leo Vision and directed by Sri Krishna titled Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum, will be in the comedy genre. So, has he finally got to play the roles he yearned for? “Yes,” beams Arulnidhi.

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