For Rajinikanth, the call of God is supreme: Latha

Latha Rajinikanth's rendition of 'Manapennin Sathiyam' has clicked with the classically-inclined. Photo: R. Ragu  


The actor’s wife talks of his upcoming film, her journey as a singer and more

Like every other fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, Latha Rajinikanth is also waiting for May 9, when his Kochadaiiyaan hits the screens. “I will be catching the film’s FDFS (first day first show). Since marriage, it’s been a tradition for me to watch all his films FDFS and that will continue this year as well,” she beams, “I do that for the euphoria and to experience the joy of being with the people.”

For the Rajinikanth family, this film has been a different experience due to the technology used in it. What was going through her mind when they started work on it? “We wanted to experience the magic of the technology,” she states, “We hear that this is perhaps the first time that live actors are being brought to life using motion capture technology – that was a huge challenge and I’m delighted that Soundarya has pulled it off.”

Latha has been involved with the film too — as a singer. Her rendition of ‘Manapennin Sathiyam,’ which has been composed by music director A. R. Rahman, has clicked with the classically-inclined. Singing isn’t new to Latha, who has been involved in creating private albums and delivering a few film numbers as well. “My private albums are popular in the culturals circuit. I’ve enjoyed doing them as I’ve composed, sung and written the lyrics of these numbers.”

It was this experience that her daughter, director Soundarya, remembered when they were to record the ‘Manapennin Sathiyam’ number in Tamil and Telugu. “She knew that it would come out well. And, recording with A. R. Rahman was a great experience,” she recalls. So, will she continue singing for films? “Oh yes, if there’s a good song, I’m game.”

Rajini and I spend a lot of time with our grandchildren. They are our greatest companions.

With both daughters (Aishwarya and Soundarya) carving a niche for themselves behind the camera, she must be a proud mother today. “It feels special having watched them grow, from cradle to now. Both are creative and I’m glad that they have identified their individualities,” she adds.

Her grandchildren Linga and Yatra are the family’s latest muse. “We (Rajini and I) spend a lot of time with them. Grandchildren are the greatest companions in the phase we’re currently in. He (Rajini) could not spend a lot of time with his daughters when they were growing up; he’s trying to make up for that by being with our grandchildren now,” she says.

Latha cannot single out one movie of Rajini that she loves the most. “Every role he plays becomes my favourite — you cannot compare two characters,” she says, “He gives a special something to everything he plays on screen. I think he’s an extremely versatile artist, having played roles in different genres.”

But as a wife, she still watches his progress in awe. Where does she see him in a decade from now? “Just like you, I want to wait and watch,” she says, “For him, the call of God is bigger than anything else. I’m sure he will be very spiritually evolved by then.”

So, are dinner-table conversations now on his upcoming film release? “At home, we are like any normal family. Of course, since it’s Kochadaiiyaan release time, we talk of it a lot. It marks the end of a long journey and we spend a lot of time chatting. But, we also talk of friends and family. And of course, we also talk of the IPL games.” So, is Superstar batting for the home team, the Chennai Super Kings? “Isn’t he a true Chennaiite,” she winks. .

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