Kamna Jethmalani was in Hyderabad recently and it appears she has suddenly discovered her love for the city. “This place has given me so much love, respect, affection and it is like a second home. I have a lot to thank for.” The actor is now going through a few Malayalam scripts as she finished a Kannada film with Darshan and Jagdish. She says she wasn’t very comfortable with Kannada like the way she was with Telugu. Her film Veediki Dookudekkuva, a thriller directed by Satyanarayana Dwarampudi starring Srikant is also waiting to hit the screen. The movie has her playing a cheerful character who gets kidnapped and the hero saves her. Her last film was Bhai in which she played an item number.

Hindi Debut

Suman is making his debut in a Hindi film Gabbar being directed by Krish Jagar. He says he got many offers to work in the North after Sivaji but preferred to wait for a right platform. He adds, “I have seen lot of people coming back disappointed. I didn’t want to do a negative role where a villain will be violent and vulgar towards women. I don’t mind working in a role that has a person misusing power, does exploitation, corruption. Whatever is being reflected in society, how things have to be corrected all that will be shown, this Tagore remake is not outdated and also fresh scenes are being added. “ Suman reveals that Akshay Kumar saw Sivaji and was very keen on having Suman playing the villain. There are a lot of South people working in the unit, Tamilians and Telugus. Sruthi Hassan and Kareena Kapoor are part of the project.

In RGV's film?

So the talk that Dr.Rajashekar is working Ramgopal Verma’s movie is true. The actor is tight lipped and refuses to even give hints of the film except for the fact that he met the director in a hotel by chance and they decided to work together. “Ramu is coming out with a trailer soon and he doesn’t want us to talk anything about it.” Meanwhile his daughter Shivani is getting ready to face the camera. Last year she wowed the audience with a dance performance at an audio event and people remarked that she is cut out for films. Shivani will play a student in her debut film and mom Jeevita will direct it. Rajashekar ofcourse will play an important role in the movie.


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