If you remember the shows, Rishtey or Star Bestsellers, you'll realise that there is that kind of cinema that does not get a go at the big screen. Short films, a feature in colleges have often only been explored by students of visual communication, perhaps for a project or a class. Over the years, short films are gaining popularity and a serious space. It's not just students of film schools who are experimenting with moving frames and the mighty Internet is cultivating talent by the passing minute.

Sarvesh Mewara in his 6 minutes and 53 seconds long, short film, The girl and the autorickshaw, a theme given by Anurag Kashyap at Wassup Andheri (a film festival) a few months ago, weaves an intriguing tale around the concept of equality.

The owner of ‘Majnu' an autorickshaw driver (played by Vikas Bangar) ill-treats and rubbishes a transgender who gets into his auto. From then on, ‘Majnu' only accepts women as passengers. As the auto fails to start, the minute a male member sits in it. Adding to the auto-driver's troubles, he even gets beaten up once when he says that he can only take ‘the ladies'.

The auto-driver finally spots the transgender (Suvasini) and asks her to get in and apologises to her. ‘Majnu' starts working fine.

A writer by profession, Sarvesh calls himself ‘struggling'.

A graduate from Whistling Woods Film School, Sarvesh's diploma film, a 18-minute short film, titled ‘News' won at the Pune International Film Festival and won 8 other awards in India. The film is about the friendship between two children, whose friendship is defined by News.


The girl and the autorickshaw




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