“Patiala Dreamz” is aimed not just to entertain but also has a humanitarian objective

The film “Patiala Dreamz” which was released last week, is a Bollywood flick in Punjabi. It is a complete masala entertainer and at the same time will be contributing towards a good cause. The film starring Sarwar Ahuja (Garry) and Madalasa Sharma (Reet) as the lead actors, is the story of Garry, who is born and brought up in Canada and has recurrent dreams of a place unknown to him. The whole plot runs on the lines of how Reet helps him discover that his dreams are actually connected with Patiala. Does his dreams have got to do something with his present or his past?

“Ten percent of the profits from the film shall go towards a cancer organization, and help in the treatment of cancer-affected patients. So while the audience pays for their entertainment, they at the same time contribute for a genuine noble cause,.” said Abhishek Saxena, the director. The movie is a situational comedy and has been shot in about seven to eight locations, like Malaysia, Canada and Patiala, and is interspersed with moments of romance, action and suspense.

For both the actors Patiala Dreamz is their debut in Bollywood. Sarwar who was adjudged as the winner of one of the reality shows on Zee TV said, “It’s our request to you all, that since this is our first attempt at something like this, and it’s very different and new, we want you all to come and watch our film. We have put in a lot of hard work to make this film. I hope that Patiala Dreamz will perform well at cinemas.”

Madalasa Sharma, who is based in Bombay remarked, “I had always wanted to do Punjabi cinema. With this film I have got that opportunity. This film is very different from all other Punjabi films and we need your support and encouragement, to make it a success.”

“If this film is able to win people’s hearts, then Punjabi cinema shall witness a great change, not only in the way it has been conceived by people, till now, but also in terms of quality comedy,” said Abhishek, in a Press conference held recently.