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Updated: July 9, 2011 18:41 IST

Director's actor

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Remind Sumant and pull his leg on the intimate scenes in Raj that left viewers astounded, and he isn't amused. Days after the film's release he tweeted absolving himself from the movie. “For two of my films Boni and Raj, the producer and director had problems and the latter either quit or was replaced and by the time we wrapped up, the film became a salvage operation.”

This time round, he has found a credible director in Ravi Chavali who directed Jagapati Babu in Samanyudu. Titled Daggaraga Dooranga, it is touted to be a romantic thriller. The script was okayed by the actor even before Golconda High School happened. It was ready on paper but they couldn't find a producer.

It's more like Kshanam Kshanam, a race against time thriller where the first half of the drama is light and a thoroughly enjoyable experience whereas the tempo picks up in the second half. Not entirely an action flick , the movie is about an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances. But haven't there been films like this before?

Sumant says he is quite an avid movie watcher but he's sure he hasn't come across anything like this. The love track, the connection between Gautham and Meenakshi is unique and that drives the film. Vedhica who appeared in Baanam and who hasn't got a good break so far is looking to grab some brownie points. Sumant adds, “In my films, women have always been given a role of substance.”

Sumant says he is making a conscious effort to arrive at a four song formula and use action scenes only when it is imperative; however in this film he's got five songs. The character also doesn't demand any special look and the ensemble cast—the comedians and the villain included have been made to look very ordinary. What is Daggaraga Dooranga? Sumant avers, “the clinical distance is close yet they are distant from each other.” The runtime of the film is 2 hr 15 minutes and the copy will be ready by mid-August. Ask the actor about how his scenes have shaped up and he say he has ‘no idea' and adds he will see it in totality. He never runs to the monitor after every shot. He signs off, “I have confidence in the director so I don't see the monitor. If he is okay with it, so am I.”

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